Comp Shoot

I know many seniors will miss out on their class photos.

2020 Has been a hard year with the COVID

I know it very hard at this moment in our country and let's face it things are not easy for many students out there. Many seniors graduating this year might miss their senior's photos, prom, and many other events. We all know how fun it was to get ready for our school photos in high school.  Every year I give back in many ways. While sitting in our home I saw on the news many seniors missing out on things. So I want to help all I can with my camera and skills. 

I am offering after we can travel and the covid has cleared to go to schools or come to cities and do seniors photos at no charge. I am Florida and travel all over the world taking photos. If you requested me and it is out of Florida all I ask is to cover my travel.  I will give everyone I photograph edited photos they can print or use at no charge.   I hope this helps many out there and the families that want them to have their memories via the photos. 

If you are a school and requesting a session please fill out the form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.   

*** IF under 18 years of age we do ask for your parent to fill out the session form. We also ask to bring an adult with you at the photo shoot. We will verify age with a parent or legal guardian.  No exceptions. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 321-872-7017 

Lots of Love,