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Creative Photoshop

Learn the basic

We start with the basics of photoshop. From the tools, layers, styles, and the basic navigation functions 

Getting into the creative Side

Brushes, Styles, Filters and seeing the world in a different way.

Retouching and Editing with speed

Learn the fast techniques in retouching and composition. This is great for photographers whom focus on portrait work. 

F.A.Q 's

  • What is needed for this class? 

Laptop or Device with Photoshop CC installed working - If you do not have photoshop please visit and install a trial version if using the trial install a few days prior to class and run the program to make sure it is working correctly. 

Something to write with and take notes I will be giving you some materials to take with you and keep for reference. 

This is a full day we will have a quick lunch I encourage students to bring snacks and a spill proof drinks 

a photo or two you might have questions on or would like to work on. 


An open mind to different type of creative photoshop. There are many ways to work in photoshop and we that have used it have our own ways to work with it. This is a creative and fast way that has worked for many photographers and artist I have teached they are now making over 45 percent increase in  profits after taking this class. If you know everything there is to know about photoshop or not in  getting creative with your photos this class is not for you. 

  • Is my reservation fee refundable ? 

Once booked for the class and a payment has been made it become non refundable. Due to we have reserved your seat and only a limited seats are available . If you can not make due to emergency a credit voucher will be issued for future class. No money will be returned under any circumstances 

  • I am taking the class online and how will i be able to log on ? 

A link will be provided to you a few days prior to class. You will be in a live class room most of our students online use a dual monitor or use two different devices example. They will stream the class from a tablet and have their laptop next to it to follow along. Their will be live students in class with us meaning you will see and hear everything that is going on live.